My favourite 3 mindset coaching skills I use as an Evolve & Relaunch Certified Coach


As an NLP Practitioner (and almost completed Master Practitioner) and Hypnotherapist, the tools that I have available to me to help my clients are amazing!

There are my top 3 processes I use when working with a client:

Master Practitioner Skill

Taking a deep dive into understanding of the clients life values. This is a process that unearths many treasures for a better understanding of why you do what you do and, just as importantly, why you don’t do what you want to do. (I know that seems like a mouthful!) This process is so much more than doing a Google search to find a list of values and circling your top eight. This process, and subsequent values work clears so much up for a client. It is life changing.

NLP Practitioner Skill

Another process I love is working with a client is a “parts integration”. How many times have there been situations in life where a part of you wants this, but another part of you wants something different. That internal conflict, many times creates nothing from getting accomplished, not moving forward and staying stuck. The way a client can shift when the integration occurs is a joy to experience.

Hypnotherapy Skill

From my hypnotherapy training, a simple “Symbolic Journey” opens up so much for a client. The unconscious holds answers in unsuspecting ways. It is a privilege to be with a client through this journey in a simple hypnotic trance. A typical response after this process is “Wow! That was amazing.”

Any person/coach starting out in business will have a huge advantage to what they can bring to their clients with the resources and training gained from Evolve and Relaunch Education. Tools and training are a huge piece of the picture of creating a business. With a dedicated personal desire to start a business with this type of training, it is entirely possible to create a business and to be able to help and support the person whom you’d like to support. 

I’ve taken many courses over the years, and I have to say this is the most professionally run training I’ve attended. 

Not only that, but the fact that I, as a student, had to go through the material from a personal standpoint in order to deeply understand how these processes have an effect on clients. I have changed and transformed within myself, and I thought I had just signed up for training! There is so much more I have received personally due to these courses. 

What and how I have changed will have a huge impact on my clients. I can’t help a client to change and evolve in what I have not done myself. I have had many internal shifts and have changed how I show up to the world. 

What a great gift to be able to be a part of. I am so excited for myself and for my clients in what I can provide for them to help them change their lives.

Krista Bleich 

I. @kristableich
F. Krista Bleich

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