3 powerful truths we discovered about running our courses online

3 powerful truths we discovered about running our courses online

How can we forget the early days of the pandemic, back in March 2020, when so many of us were tentatively transitioning from working and learning together in real life to doing it all online. 

There was uncertainty. There was disbelief. There was fear. 

But slowly we began to notice the massive benefits of working and learning in an online environment. Aside from the benefits of wearing stretchy pants (business on top, relaxation on the bottom), we noticed that our students had a lot more time and space to actually absorb the content as they weren’t busy travelling to and from courses or running late in traffic.

On top of that, most of our students work with their clients online – so their skills are better transferred to the real world! 

Here at Evolve and Relaunch, we took time to truly consider how would we continue to serve people with the change in the world. We have now transitioned our immersions to the online world and have been blown away by these 3 massively positive outcomes.

Online training is HIGHLY effective.


Well, our courses challenge you to think differently, broaden your perspective on who you think you are and transform your self-belief.

We noticed that because our students were in the comfort of their own homes, there was a massive reduction in time spent getting people comfortable, easing people’s fears and building connection. 

Instead, our students settled in quickly and easily as they already felt super comfortable and safe in their own homes, so of course, venturing into our courses and changing their lives for the better was a seamless transition.  

The transformation is happening in your own home environment, which is where we are for most of the day to day challenges we experience. 

Online learning in a live course is very cost-effective for our students

No more paying for flights. No more booking expensive Airbnbs and hotels. No more sleeping in a strange bed and not sleeping very well (and then being tried for your course day) and being away from your family.

Now you can keep all that extra cash for an actual holiday, by the pool, in the sun. Or investing more in your personal growth and education!  

Don’t get us wrong. We absolutely loved running our immersions face to face, but it was often for so many people due to the extra expense and added pressure on families associated with travelling. 

One of the main motivations for doing this work in the world is to create a positive impact on as many people’s lives as possible. 

Our last NLP training was off the charts successful, and because of the online format, we had over 30 students from all around the world who raved about how much growth and transformation they gained. 

It’s really hard to put into words what this course has done for me both as a human being but also as a coach. On day one you couldn’t possibly imagine the changes that would occur throughout the course. Juliet and Paul are like a well-oiled machine that gives you a feeling of safety, support and limitlessness while undertaking some epic states of transformation. The way they incorporate their own personalities into their delivery of the course is what makes this course so relatable and special. If there is a part of you that is drawn to complete any of their course, do it! It will be something that stays with you for a life time and a course that has the ability to completely evolve and level up your own reality if you let it!

Ash Barlow- NLP April 2022

We can now serve more people online in a world-class live training approach that is cost-effective for our students, it’s a win-win for everyone. 

It FEELS like you are learning face to face with us

People really love our approach because what makes Evolve and Relaunch different (and better) is that we have curated an experience that is online but feels like you are learning face to face in real life. 

Before your course, you are invited into the Evolve and Relaunch community online where we run to meet and greets with your co-students so you get to know everyone before the training day.

We post you your course materials including your manual, pens, highlighters and other treats before the training kick-off day.  

For the weeks after your course, we have a group check-in to help you solidify what you have learned, Q & A sessions to help you integrate what you have learned and a forum to support you long after your course is done. 

We also hold bi-monthly ‘Coaches Circle’ gatherings with all graduates to support their ongoing growth and evolution.

We cant wait to serve you, in the comfort of your own home. Pop here to see our course dates and book a course enquiry call. We can’t wait to speak with you.

Keep Evolving! 

The team at Evolve and Relaunch Education

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