5 ways our courses will Evolve and Relaunch your life

5 ways our courses will Evolve and Relaunch your life!!

We hate to toot our own horn (that’s a lie, we love it, and we encourage you to back yourself as well) but we know for a fact that our courses will completely change the trajectory of your life, in a very good way!

Our 1,000 of positive testimonials from our graduates speak for themselves and here is a list of the top 5 positive outcomes that our graduates report on the regular after they have completed one of our courses in NLP, Hypnosis or NLP Master Practitioner.

1. We teach you how to unlock a deeper sense of self, clarity and confidence for your future

Not long before meeting you both, I was feeling almost worthless, running out of hope, and just a sniff from walking away from my dreams. Evolve and Relaunch enabled me to find the ability to keep going, to keep going against insurmountable odds. You guys literally supported me to Evolve, and relaunch the next chapter of my life.

And for that, I will always be forever grateful. Aroha Mai Aroha Atu, Nga Mihi Nui – Jamie Milne

2. We educate you on how your beliefs influence your life, how to change them and the tools to truly achieve your dreams and goals

Since meeting Juliet in July 2020, my life has completely transformed. Master Practitioner training was the piece that truly brought everything I have learned together, and created a clear path for me to truly embody transformation and create it with my clients. The power of in-depth learning, epic teachers and students, and the combination of theory and practice have left me fully confident in my ability to help my clients and achieve everything I want to achieve. I am so excited for the next stage and grateful to Juliet and Paul for again guiding me to go deeper into myself and my gifts. – Caroline Partridge

3. We upskill you with strategies to overcome anxiety, fear and self-doubt as well as friends and a community of people who are evolving with you.

Everyone that wants to grow as a person and take ownership of their lives should do this course. It has been the most eye-opening, world-rocking, mind-blowing, healing experience and I cannot thank Paul and Juliet enough. I will be forever grateful for everything I have learned. The techniques are so powerful, the community is so full of love and the way that

the entire course is structured was perfect. At the start of the course, I felt lost, anxious, stressed about learning and unsure of what it would bring and now I feel the most grounded, confident and clear in my direction that I have ever felt. Thank you. – Jess Hooley

4. We coach you on how to end procrastination so you can move forward in your life with self-guidance and responsibility

Working with Paul and Juliet has been life-changing. Two years ago I was full of self-doubt, and self-criticism and suffering from low self-esteem despite knowing I was capable of so much more personally and professionally. I have transformed myself to a woman who is confident in her abilities as a parent, partner, mentor and friend. I struggled to put myself out there and to be honest, I was blaming situations, people and my experiences, I now completely own where I am and this is empowering beyond words. – Nicole Forgione

5. We empower you with techniques to heal bad habits and balance underlying emotions so you can change your responses and emotional state quickly and effectively

One of the best investments I’ve ever made. I had so much fun while being challenged and supported all the way by Juliet, Paul and the whole crew. This carefully curated course made from deep wisdom and knowledge and love for what they do make a massive positive impact on my life that I am eternally grateful for. Thank You, Thank You – Nadia Koo

If you are ready to invest in one of the most transformative experiences you will have in your life, then pop here to see our course dates and book a course enquiry call. We can’t wait to speak with you.

Keep Evolving!
The team at Evolve and Relaunch Education

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