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Paul and Juliet discuss their relationship

Have you ever wondered why most relationships fail?

Whether you have an intimate relationship or not, relationships are an important part of life, self awareness, connection and evolution. In this blog we explore some of the common factors that can contribute to relationships.


Why is it important to know my values?

You may have a rough idea of your values but getting intentional about clearly identifying them in depth and understanding what your values truly mean to YOU is a game changer when it comes to making life decisions and feeling aligned in your goals.


Would you love to be able quickly and easily tap into positive emotions in your life?

This NLP technique is almost like magic at your fingertips

3 powerful truths we discovered about running our courses online

3 powerful truths we discovered about running our courses online

Transitioning from working and learning together in real life, to doing it all online, has been surprising for us too!

A group of NLP graduates

5 ways our courses will Evolve and Relaunch your life!!

Enter here if you are ready to change


Uncovering the truth, 4 common myths in hypnotherapy

Discover the facts about hypnosis, so you can understand how powerful it truly is.

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