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Explore and shift your unconscious mind and discover how Evolved NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) can transform your life.

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“We either evolve by choice or by chance” – Paul Eliseo

Are you curious about how you can learn ways to evolve your mind?

Are you ready to start to explore and shift your unconscious programs, habits and patterns?

In this book you will explore the life-changing world of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and how it can help you create transformation in your life.

This book has been co-authored by the founders and trainers of Evolve and Relaunch Education, Paul Eliseo and Juliet Lever and the intention of this book is to 'simplify' some of the most powerful NLP concepts in today’s language. The activities contained within this book will help evolve your mind and understand what you can expect from studying with us.

By reading this book you will gain a deeper understanding of the modality and of yourself.

You will discover new insights to help you understand certain concepts from NLP as well as be provided with self-reflection activities at the end of every chapter to dive deeper and help to consolidate your learnings.


"Really enjoyed reading the book. It was practical and engaging with each chapter building on your knowledge from the one before.

Highly recommend to anyone struggling with anxiety or trauma as a first step to self-help. NLP is a super powerful modality. Thank you to the authors for making this available in this way." - CG, Amazon Review


Bonus Activities

To support you in your journey reading this book (whether it’s on Kindle, Audible or in Paperback) you will also receive access to:

  • Our Evolve Your Mind Downloadable and fillable PDF Workbook. This workbook contains all the activities from the book so you can download and type in your answers or print it off and complete it along the way. 

  • Guided Audios. We have recorded the guided activities for you to explore your time line, overcome anxiety and also create your future by choosing a path forward. These guided audios will allow you to fully experience the process and go on the journey with us.

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Juliet Lever & Paul Eliseo are the co-founders of Evolve and Relaunch Education.

With over 20 years of combined experience in the personal development industry, Paul and Juliet have trained a community of students worldwide in NLP and Hypnotherapy. As a couple they are deeply passionate about bringing transformational skills and empowering knowledge to coaches and individuals to deepen their healing, confidence, skills and personal transformations.

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