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Amelia Hellyer

Face to face appointments (Hampstead Gardens, SA) and online

Amelia helps people to guide themselves back to their inner wisdom, to overcome fears and overwhelm of emotions. She helps them find their voice, speak their truth, feel confident, trust themselves, and live the life they want.

Qualifications: Master Practitioner of NLP and Time Line Therapy®, Reiki 2, Hypnotherapist


Brendon Giebel

Available online.

Brendon specializes in men's transformations, showing men how to re-gain control of their lives, re-establish self-esteem/confidence and steering them to start leading as a man.

He helps destroy their fears and insecurities while releasing attachments from past events and opening them up to love and being happy within themselves.



Benjamin Kowal

Face to face appointments (Kalgoorlie & Esperance, WA) and online.

Benjamin works with people committed to regenerate or elevate the totality of themselves on all levels of, and within, their physical, mental & emotional bodies.

Visit his website to find out more.


Cat Parkinson

Face to face appointments (Hawthorndene, SA) and online.

Cat helps people in their 30s & 40s to quit alcohol, in a fun and nurturing way using my personal experience of overcoming alcohol addiction

She uses a fusion of all of the modalities below in breakthrough sessions and one-on-one coaching, in person and on-line.

Qualifications: Master Practitioner of NLP & Time Line Therapy®, Certified Practitioner of Hypnotherapy, Access Bars and Reiki and a Diploma of Policing Practice (specialising in Domestic Violence)


Christel Quick

Face to face appointments (Prospect, SA) and online.

Christel is an experienced Professional Empowerment Coach and Hypnotherapist, specialising in Personal Breakthroughs,  tailored to create an immediate and massive impact in your life.

She supports men and women increase emotional intelligence and confidence and take the steps necessary to heal their body and mind by addressing overwhelm, anxiety, addictions, pain and ailments and reconnecting your mind and body for healing.

Qualifications: Master Practitioner of NLP & Time Line Therapy® and Hypnotherapy Practitioner.


Debbie Pucinischi

Available online.

Debbie is a Money Mindset Coach who empowers you to understand & redesign your money story.


Elle Crawford

Face to face appointments (The Meeting Place McLaren Vale) and online.

Elle is a Divorce Coach, she helps empower women in the divorce space, whether they are new to the experience or holding on to memories of a past experience. Elle's passion is to flip divorce on its head, shed the stigma and help women be proud of their divorce so that they can welcome in a new chapter of freedom, autonomy and do whatever the hell they desire.

In Elle's words, "The most important relationship we can have is that with ourselves, so through our coaching together we work on building an empowered and honest relationship with self by releasing unuseful emotions, behaviours and limiting beliefs and identifying your values so you can navigate you experience with calm & awareness and attract aligned & happy relationships into your life"

Qualifications: Master Practitioner of NLP and Time Line Therapy®, Certificate in Clinical & Conversational Advanced Hypnotherapy.


Jayde Hanna

Available online.

Jayde is passionate about helping people find clarity and confidence in their life. Jayde works with people wanting to get clear on their future, find their self worth and live a life that is empowered and created by design. Jayde specialises in helping you break through whats holding you back in work, relationships and life.

Qualifications: Master Practitioner of NLP and Time Line Therapy®, Hypnotherapy Practitioner, Reiki Level One, Certificate Human Nutrition, Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy


Joan E Schenscher

Face to Face Appointments (Richmond, SA) and online.

Breathe Cleanse Ignite & Connect - Life Balance Coaching. Connecting the elements of you that support your most fulfilled and happy life!

Joan finds it incredibly empowering to know that every human, has exactly what they need, right inside of them. It is her honour to hold space for people to realise this and become the creator of their own fulfilled and happy reality, any way they choose!

Her own passion is fulfilled through facilitating the Balanced Parent Program where she guides parents back to inner balance so they can confidently raise happy, healthy and calm kids without the guilt, frustration or overwhelm.


Julia Heard

Face to face appointments (Goodfit Dulwich, SA) and online.

Julia is a passionate Mindset & Movement Coach who has worked in the Fitness Industry for over 10 years & is currently studying a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional & Dietetic Medicine. Julia helps Men & Women get strong in mind & body & she helps unlock what is blocking them from achieving what they want in life.

Qualifications: Certified Personal Trainer - Australian Institute of Fitness, Certified NLP Master Practioner & Time Line Therapy® – Evolve & Relaunch, Certified in Hypno therapy – Pending (June), Certified Health Coach – Integrative Institute of Nutrition, Certified Level 1 Nutrition Coach - Clean Health Institute, BHsc Nutritional & Dietetic Medicine – Currently studying


Karli Heinjus

Available online.

Karli specialises in helping women and mums to find and follow their purpose. She guides them to follow the nudge that they are made for more, and helps them to feel confident, aligned and empowered to create a life they truly love.

Qualifications: Master Practitioner of NLP and Time Line Therapy®.


Kelly Davis

Face to face appointments (Adelaide CBD) and online.

Holding space for women to be seen & heard, awakening their soul allowing them to see themselves through woken eyes. Also specialise in Chronic Pain & Immune Disease.

Qualifications: Spiritual Guided Reiki Healer, Master Practitioner NLP & Time line Therapy®.


Leah Gooding

Face to face appointments (Seaford, SA) and online.

I help people move on from whatever it is that is getting in their way of living a happy, healthy life. Chronic Pain specialist.

Qualifications: Psychic/Medium, Reiki Master/Teacher, Master Practitioner of NLP and Timeline Therapy®, Hypnotherapy Practitioner and Bachelor of Social Work (MBSW)


Lisa Thompson

Face to face appointments (Brompton, SA) and online.

Specialises in supporting women to connect to the healer within themselves, to tune into their own unique power and design their dream life.

Qualifications: Master Practitioner of NLP and Time Line Therapy®, Hypnotherapist, DCSI Working with Children’s Clearance


Lynn Srane

Appointments available online and in-person by request.

Lynn is a passionate being, a curious creator, Mother of 5, lover of all things learning and life.

An advocate for freedom of expression of life in all forms. Owner of Light of Expression an Alternative & Holistic Therapy Service
Helping guide humans to connect back into their true nature which is Limitless by Design.

Specialising in; Self Acceptance, Reclamation & Creation, Relationship Counselling including, ENM/Polyamorous Dynamics, Conscious Parenting, Reparenting Your Innerchild, Youth Mentoring & Family Counselling, Meditation Facilitator, Connection Circles

Master Practitioner in NLP, Master Practitioner in Timeline Therapy®, Certified Hypnotherapist, Studying Diploma in Counselling at AIPC, Certificate in Aged Care Mental Health

Rachelle Pitcher

Appointments available online.

I help young adults re-discover their personal identity, integrate childhood conditioning and religious beliefs for balanced personal self-expression and the energy to create a life that lights them up.

Master Practitioner of NLP and Timeline Therapy®, Diploma in NLP, Practitioner of Hypnotherapy and a Reiki Master

Riannah Roach

Face to face appointments (Largs North, SA) and online.

Riannah specialises in helping women to relight their life.

Riannah helps women; to be confident, feel empowered, to believe in themselves, to be able to speak their truth, to know what lights them up and to feel inspired in their life again.

Qualifications: Master Practitioner of NLP & Time Line Therapy®, Reiki 1 and 2, Yoga Teacher, Cert IV Personal Trainer, Bachelor Recreation Management


Sharon Bremner

Available online.

I help 40+yr old women to transform from a major life change: divorce, death, empty nester's helping them discover their potential, their strengths and talents and support their growth and professional achievement.

Qualifications: Master Practitioner of NLP & Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis, Reiki Level 2, Remedial Massage Therapist, Small Business Owner, Enrolled Nurse


Shan Clayton

Face to face appointments (North Queensland) and online.

Shan is a passionate mental health 'first aider' who specialises in emotional release and wellbeing, helping her clients (re)discover life on the other side of their emotional brick wall. A talented personal coach and practitioner, Shan is highly skilled in helping her clients identify and resolve unhelpful emotional and behavioural patterns and achieve long-lasting positive life changes.

Qualifications: Master Practitioner of NLP & Time Line Therapy®, Hypnotherapy Practitioner, Registered Counsellor specialising in Mindfulness Therapies, QLD Working with Children Clearance, Group Facilitator.


Skye Baxter

Face to face appointments (Erskine, WA) and online.

I work with amazing strong souls ready to break free on condition patterns dissolve their limiting belief's, Heal trauma and know their worth again!!!

Qualifications: NLP practitioner & hypnotherapist

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