Brendon Giebel

Interview with an Evolver – Brendon Giebel from construction worker to mens development leader

Each month, Juliet interviews a graduate in our community about their journey since studying with Evolve and Relaunch.

This month, Juliet had the pleasure of speaking to Evolve and Relaunch trained Master Coach Brendon Giebel.

Brendon Giebel is the Founder of Advanced Mens Development. He trains, coaches and guides men through life-changing programs, courses and events. AMD is focused on helping men regain their
personal power and excel in all areas of life.

After struggling in his early 20s and being one decision away from ending it all, Brendon spent 6 years climbing out of the dark hole he was in. Brendon then went on to study as a Master Practitioner of NLP and Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis, Conversation Therapy, Advanced Hypnotherapy, breathwork and meditation. Brendon now has the processes to help others create rapid transformations in their own lives and is leading the way for men and women to become the most successful versions of themselves.

Brendon has helped people free themselves from drug addictions, negative thought patterns,
unconscious sabotaging behaviours and crush self-doubt and low confidence. As well as help them
move through PTSD, childhood abuse, anxiety, chronic pain and depression, as well as weight loss,
anger issues, fear, and shyness, to name a few.

The work goes beyond personal growth; it creates a ripple effect in families and communities as men learn to show up as better partners, husbands, fathers, and sons.

In this interview, Brendon shares his journey, studies, why he is such a successful coach and ways to work with him.

Juliet asked him to share his biggest piece of advice with coaches. Brendon said“The coaching industry can be hard. The skills it takes to be an incredible coach don’t always equal the skills it takes to run a business, and that’s OK.”

Let us know if you want to be interviewed and have questions for our coaches in the upcoming series.

To find Brendon, you can visit him at Advanced Mens Development.

Thank you, Brendon, for sharing your evolution with us!

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