Kim Morrison

Interview with an Evolver – Kim Morrison shares the art of self-love and studying with Evolve and Relaunch Education


Co-founder of Evolve and Relaunch Juliet Lever sat down with Evolver Kim Morrison this month to speak about her journey studying with Evolve and Relaunch Education.

Each month, Juliet interviews a graduate in our community about their journey since studying with Evolve and Relaunch. 

This month, Juliet had the pleasure of speaking to Kim Morrison. Best-selling author, entrepreneur and self-love coach Kim Morrison is a woman on a mission, helping you to help yourself.

In this interview, Kim shares insights into self-love, keys for self-awareness and her experience studying all levels of training (so far!) with Evolve and Relaunch Education. 

Juliet asked her to share her biggest piece of advice with coaches. Kim said: “You cannot underestimate the power of what it means to be a human in a highly evolved state – people will be drawn to you!”

Let us know if you want to be interviewed and have questions for our coaches in the upcoming series.

Thank you, Kim, for sharing your evolution with us! 

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