Online Training with Evolve

Make the most of your online training with Evolve and Relaunch Education


We have been delivering our online NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and online Hypnotherapy Practitioner training for years now. 

Here’s why we’ve never looked back!

  1. We have an incredible support crew based all around Australia who have been helping us deliver the highest quality training for years. 
  2. We have students from all around the world. Imagine only being able to apply/use these skills face to face within a 5-10km radius of where you live. Learning online means you feel comfortable using the skills anywhere in the world. 
  3. You’ll save time and money traveling to and from the training. When we used to run courses in the past around Australia people would often not be able to attend the next training and would have to wait a year or two before we returned to their city. Now you can simply register and complete a training with us any time in the next 2 years.
  4. Zoom has constantly evolving features that enhance the learning experience. You can actively engage with our trainers and fellow learners through features such as screen sharing, chat, virtual whiteboards, and breakout rooms. These tools foster collaboration and hands-on learning, making the training sessions more engaging and effective.
  5. Our students tell us they find the way we deliver our training is more engaging than any in person training they have done!

Overall, using Zoom to deliver our trainings has made a huge difference and means we can help even more people evolve all around the world. 

Here is what some of our students had to say:

“I love that the changes I’m making are in my own home environment where most of my daily habits and stressors are!” 

“I wouldn’t have been able to afford to travel overseas for this course as I’m based in Canada!” 

“I’ve built my confidence coaching clients online now, it’s awesome.”

Extra tips for your training with us:

  1. Create a dedicated learning space. Hook up your laptop or PC to a big screen so you have an immersive experience! 
  2. Be somewhere private where you can fully focus on the training, ideally not sitting in the middle of the kitchen with family around you or distractions.
  3. Close down all other tabs and distractions and put the smart phone away! 
  4. We will give you plenty of stretch/state change breaks, but if you need to stretch that’s the beauty of being in your own home – you can! 
  5. Have good internet connection and have back up options. And it’s best to join on a laptop or PC rather than a smart phone or Ipad.
  6. Finally, actively participate and ask for help! 

One of our NLP trainers Juliet Lever has recorded a simple ‘Evolve with us online’ Video above to help familiarize you with our online training platform before your next course with us. 

We can’t wait to see you at the training! 

Keep Evolving!

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