let go of your past,
EMPOWER the present
and create your future

The Evolved NLP and Time Line Therapy® Certification course is a transformational experience of how to create alignment and action in your life. 

Payment plans from $97 per week

Who is the EvolveD NLP Practitioner training for?

If you want to equip yourself with powerful skills and confidence to shift your mindset and understand how to truly create profound results in your life, this training is an ABSOLUTE game changer.

easily tap into positive emotions

Personal & Professional Development

Achieve the confidence and skills to make positive changes in your own life from day one.

Develop absolute clarity & step by step plans to truly achieve your goals.

Gain flexibility, adaptability and resilience so you can thrive in life’s valleys and peaks.

Coaches, Facilitators And Trainers

Grow and develop the skill of coaching as a dynamic and skilled NLP professional.

Develop the skills to create rapport and agreement with clients to achieve win/win scenarios.

Learn powerful frameworks for creating positive change in your clients’ lives.
Managers, Leaders and HR Professionals

Managers, Leaders and HR Professionals

Gain a deep understanding of human behaviour so that you can effectively manage your teams.

Learn how to become a master communicator.

Gain greater clarity and flexibility in your approach to developing your culture.

NLP is the study of 'what works' in human behaviour

NLP is the study of excellence, which basically demonstrates the way our thinking influences our behaviour. It is a synthesis of COGNITIVE and BEHAVIOURAL psychology and NLP allows you to understand the language of your mind and how to more effectively use this knowledge to create the conscious and unconscious change you want in life.

Time Line Therapy® was developed in the mid-1980s as an addition to NLP. These tools help to swiftly and powerfully release negative stored emotions, and subconscious limiting beliefs, and create a powerful framework for goal setting and alleviating anxiety which was developed from the foundations of NLP.

How are we different to other trainers? 

Our Evolved NLP training goes far beyond other courses, having drawn upon the most up to date research and concepts we have a strong emphasis on personal transformation to allow you to deeply understand and embody how to create change in your life.


NLP Training

what is covered?

Here is an outline of the 7 day training

DAY 1 - Understand how you create your entire reality and tap into the power of your subconscious mind
DAY 2 - Master language, realising that your words create your world
DAY 3 - Learn how to change unwanted habits and tap into powerful positive emotions
DAY 4 - Learn techniques to stop Self Sabotage FOREVER
DAY 5 - Clear the past (beliefs and emotions like anger, fear, guilt, sadness and hurt)
DAY 6 - Release anxiety and create your future with certainty
DAY 7 - Learn how to self motivate and complete an NLP Coaching practice session

Meet Your Trainers

Juliet Lever

Juliet Lever

Bestselling Author + Speaker + Podcaster + Personal Development Trainer
Juliet Lever is the bestselling author of Relaunch My Life and the host of the top-rated podcast Relaunch My Life Radio, a keynote motivational speaker and personal development trainer.

Juliet believes that change is possible for everyone and that each of us is born for a reason.

Paul Eliseo

Speaker + Master Coach + Hypnosis and NLP Trainer
Paul Eliseo is the founder and head presenter for Personal Development companies Evolve & Relaunch and Evolve Mind & Body Coaching.

Paul presents courses and workshops all over Australia and has presented to businesses such as ANZ, WESTPAC, BANK SA and has also presented at the mental health conference, the Whole Life expo and the senior’s convention.

Paul teaches and mentors people to take a holistic approach to create success.
Paul Eliseo

Hear what Kayla Banfield had to say about studying NLP with us

What will I learn in this training?

From the easy to absorb content in both the audio pre-study and live training, you will learn:
How to understand and control your emotional state and access strong personal resources
Learning how your beliefs influence your life, and how to change them
How to achieve your goals and truly achieve them so that you can live your most fulfilled life
The benefits of creating rapport and agreement with others to achieve win/win scenarios
Techniques to heal bad habits and balance underlying emotions so you can change your responses and emotional state quickly and effectively
Strategies to overcome anxiety, fear and self-doubt
To stop internal conflicts to make decisions effectively and access deeper intuition
Coaching skills to help others achieve their goals
To end procrastination so you can move forward in your life and help others do the same
Unlock a deeper sense of self, clarity and confidence for your future

You'll receive the following certificates certifying you as an NLP and Time Line Therapy Practitioner® as well as an NLP Coach Certification upon completion of the Integration Course.


What our students have to say about their experience studying with us!
Jenna Cooper
Jenna Cooper
10 February 2024
The best investment I have made in myself and a course! As a coach, to clear up your own stuff and to build mental strength in yourself is how you will help others the most. NLP & Master NLP was the most incredible experience. If you're thinking about becoming a coach (or already are) or you just wnat to become a better version of yourself, please please please do yourself a favour and commit to yourself by doing Paul & Juliets courses.
Laura Nolan
Laura Nolan
31 October 2023
Absolutely loved the way Juliet and Paul deliver the NLP practitioner course it’s honestly changed my life and given me such a deep understanding of myself and the mind I can’t wait to use the modalities I’ve learnt to help transform other peoples lives. I highly recommend training with evolve and relaunch the community, support and learnings honestly are incredible you need to discover this for yourself Xxx
Joshua Axford
Joshua Axford
30 October 2023
The best investment you WILL ever make in yourself!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Amazing beautiful people that will help you evolve into the best version of you and keep you evolving! Eternally grateful for coming across these guys!
Grant Melrose
Grant Melrose
30 October 2023
If you’re considering this training, just do it. Your future self will thank you for it! Paul & Juliet are masters at their game and know how to keep you engaged to evolve. Sign up today!
Leanne Schultz
Leanne Schultz
30 October 2023
What an amazing week of growing & evolving with Juliet & Paul of Evolve & Relaunch. I've learnt so much about myself, clearing limiting beliefs & setting new meaningful goals where I can see a clearer, brighter future. Juliet & Paul are epic Superstars the way they deliver the course, professional, caring & so inspiring along with their supportive crew. I was blessed to share this experience with compassionate participants all learning & growing together. Everyone deserves to grow & shine their light in life & I have no hesitation recommending Juliet & Paul of Evolve & Relaunch for NLP & Timeline Therapy Practioner Training. Forever grateful for Juliet & Paul 🥰❤🙌xx
Melissa Manning Fitness
Melissa Manning Fitness
7 March 2023
I completed my NLP & Time line therapy practitioner course with Evolve & Relaunch. I can't believe how much change and clarity I had in seven days the self development and growth was amazing! I am so excited to implement my learnings into my current business and help better support my clients. I am now going on to complete my hypnotherapy course and Master practitioner course. Thank you Paul & Juliet
gavnstace Hardy
gavnstace Hardy
19 February 2023
Evolve & relaunch training exceeded my expectations in all areas. Highly recommend if you are looking at studying NLP or Hypnotherapy, and the community support is amazing.
Emma Louize
Emma Louize
12 February 2023
Evolve & Relaunch really are the best when it comes to NLP and hypnotherapy training. They way they deliver information is engaging, interesting and you can feel the level of care they put into their work. I've studied NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapy, Advanced Hypnotherapy and NLP Master Practitioner with them and I'm so glad I found them. They go above and beyond in the content they deliver and I feel I got so much more from them compared to other trainers! My life is forever changed as a result of the trainings I've done with them, both personally and professionally. Thank you, Paul and Juliet!!!
Andie Murphy
Andie Murphy
12 February 2023
There are teachers and then there are TEACHERS! Once I started studying with Paul and Juliet, I was hungry for more and I have now had the pleasure of completing three of Evolve and Relaunch certificates. The way they teach NLP & Time Line Therapy ®, Hypnotherapy and Master Practitioner NLP and Time Line Therapy ® is nothing short of simple, easy, and real! Each course is enriched with structure back by evidence, reflective of life, safe, entertaining, hands on and totally engaging. PLUS you get to meet the most amazing souls along the way. The transformation is truly life changing equally both personally and a business woman. Forever grateful for them and their amazing team. I have no hesitation at all in recommending Evolve and Relaunch.
11 February 2023
Evolve and Relaunch have the best courses with the most incredibly passionate and knowledgeable trainers!! I am so glad I chose to learn NLP and Hypnotherapy with Paul and Juliet that I have signed up for other courses with them also! I have had the honour of training both in person and also online with Evolve and Relaunch. The way they run their online training is seamless, engaging and fun! Having online options eliminates the commute/parking stress, while also allowing the option to connect to so many more people all over the world in a course! Don't let an online option stop you! I have learnt so much about myself and see the world differently after the trainings. I honestly can say this course has been transformational for me both personally and professionally. Their training is like no other I have done, they are so supportive and caring while also challenging the group gently to grow, learn and evolve in the most supportive environment. I am so grateful for being able to train with Evolve and Relaunch, I highly recommend training with them!!


There are two investment options available to support your budget and regardless of which option you choose, all you pay today is a deposit of $497 to secure your spot.
5 ways our courses will Evolve and Relaunch your life

Payment Plans & Pay in Full

Options Available

Reserve your place from $497 AUD then you can either pay in full and save 10% or set up a payment plan (from $97 per week) for the balance.

Upcoming Course Dates

NLP & Time Line Therapy®

Online live training dates:

10 – 16 June 2024 ONLINE

30 September – 6 October 2024 IN PERSON OR ONLINE (in person at the Marion Hotel, South Australia)

NLP & Time Line Therapy® MASTER
(14 Days - Evolved NLP Practitioner is a pre-requisite)

Component 1: 8 – 14 July 2024
Component 2: 19 – 25 August 2024
Managers, Leaders and HR Professionals
Paul and Juliet Evolve and Relaunch

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 7 days of live guided training with lead presenters Paul Eliseo & Juliet Lever

  • Printed Course Manual and all necessary materials

  • Three qualifications, Certified Practitioner of Time Line Therapy® and Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Certified Evolve NLP Coach

  • Integration call with a Master Coach to help you apply your learnings

  • Pre-Study Audio Course Material valued at over $497 and Post Integration Course valued at over $497 

  • Ongoing support in the Evolve and Relaunch Practitioner’s Support Group on Facebook with access to Juliet Lever and Paul Eliseo for questions and support in your coaching practice

Yes! Our course meets and exceeds the international Americal Board of NLP standards.

This means, after you graduate you can register as a ‘Registered Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming’ with the ABNLP and can register for the necessary PI/PL insurances.

  • You will join a community of like-minded trained professionals
  • A ‘1-hour’ coaching session on the final day to embed all of the skills in a ‘demo’ coaching session
  • After taking this course, many students start their own transformational NLP coaching businesses
  • You personally get to experience all the techniques first hand so you can learn the power and create change in your own life
  • After course support in the NLP Practitioner Graduate Community
  • Swap ‘coaching’ sessions with other graduates available for life
  • Ongoing study options are available to continue your NLP knowledge, through the Master Practitioner of NLP course offered by Evolve & Relaunch (taught in conjunction with Juliet Lever and Paul Eliseo) and 7 Day Hypnotherapy Practitioner training 
  • We create a fun, safe and supportive learning environment for you to show up fully to get the maximum transformation. 

I'm ready! What's my next step?

Simply speak with us or email to secure your place, confirm the training date and arrange your deposit.

Or, you can arrange your deposit via the payment link below.

Once the deposit is received, you will gain access the pre-study audio and be welcomed to the training!