Self-Paced Courses

Personal development training and coaching for people ready to level up and succeed in business and life

NLP Pre-Study and Course


This introductory course is a preparation for the live 7 day training.

It includes pre-study audio training to prepare for the practical elements of the NLP training.

The payment for this course is your deposit for the live training.
Evolve and Relaunch
Master Your Money Mindset

Master your Money Mindset

In this self-paced paradigm-shifting course, Paul Eliseo and Juliet Lever from Evolve and Relaunch Education will guide you to explore how to shift the subconscious patterns you hold about your financial situation to stop sabotaging and unlock your full financial potential.

With guided videos and activities, you will discover the skillset and mindset required to unlock your financial potential.

Self Hypnosis and Meditation Course

In this introductory course to Self-Hypnosis and Meditation Paul Eliseo guides you through powerful tools such as motivation, creating your perfect body and self esteem boosters.

This training comes with a 30 page workbook to follow along with bonus techniques for your own self-hypnosis practice.
Self hypnosis meditation Paul Eliseo

6 Week Business Builder Course for Coaches

Welcome to our interactive and step-by-step 6 week guided course to help brand new coaches build your coaching business.

Sell with soul, know your niche, build referral networks and build your brand. Everything you need to know to get your successful coaching business up and running!

Juliet Lever's Birth Your Book Course

This 6 step course walks you through the behind the scenes knowledge to publish your own Amazon best-selling book.

Perfect for building more credibility as a coaches and entrepreneur, this book writing course also includes:
Annual book club
Annual guided 6 week Q&A
1:1 book coaching session
Options to include more guidance from Juliet
Discount to her annual writer's retreat
Plus ongoing training and support as the course is updated.
Evolve and Relaunch hypnosis Paul Eliseo

Neuroplasticity for Learning Course

This recorded 6-hour workshop covers everything from:
Improving your ability to recall information
Having a sharp memory and focus to be able to show up when you need to at work
Having focus when you’re doing presentations and performance
Success in your relationships (First Dates job interviews any sport any high-performance)
To be your best in every situation the methods shown in this workshop will translate to every area of life