Overcoming Overwhelm Training

Overcoming Overwhelm

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This course will help you to understand:

The #1 reason why people can’t seem to let go of feeling overwhelmed 😵‍💫
What actually causes you to feel overwhelmed and how to overcome it 🙌
3 powerful steps you can use in your life to eradicate overwhelm once and for all 🙏🏻

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This training is for you if you are ready to:

Stop feeling overwhelmed on a regular basis
Stop finding yourself stuck or procrastinating
Start taking action and start feeling in control of your life in 3 simple steps

Meet Your Trainers

Juliet Lever

Juliet Lever

Bestselling Author + Speaker + Podcaster + Personal Development Trainer
Juliet Lever is the bestselling author of Relaunch My Life and the host of the top-rated podcast Relaunch My Life Radio, a keynote motivational speaker and personal development trainer.

Juliet believes that change is possible for everyone and that each of us is born for a reason.

Paul Eliseo

Speaker + Master Coach + Hypnosis and NLP Trainer
Paul Eliseo is the founder and head presenter for Personal Development companies Evolve & Relaunch and Evolve Mind & Body Coaching.

Paul presents courses and workshops all over Australia and has presented to businesses such as ANZ, WESTPAC, BANK SA and has also presented at the mental health conference, the Whole Life expo and the senior’s convention.

Paul teaches and mentors people to take a holistic approach to create success.
Paul Eliseo

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