Uncovering the truth, 4 common myths in hypnotherapy

Uncovering the truth, 4 common myths in hypnotherapy

Hypnosis has been used for centuries, the first recorded use was in the 18th century to be exact, to communicate with a client’s unconscious mind to make radical positive changes in the client’s life. However, earlier than the 18th century, ancient shamans and even Egyptians were reported to have used forms of hypnosis. At Evolve and Relaunch Education, as trainers of Hypnosis we understand there are many misconceptions about this phenomenally fast and effective therapy. In this article we aim to illuminate the truth beneath 4 of those myths.

Myth # 1: In hypnosis, you’re hypnotised or under some sort of spell you can’t control.

Truth: Hypnotherapy is a trance-like state with heightened focus and concentration. When you’re in hypnosis, you usually feel calm and relaxed and are more open to suggestions. It’s just like being in meditation or really focused.

An example of when you are in hypnosis is when you are absorbed in what you are doing and relying on the power of your subconscious, like driving a car, reading a book or watching your favourite TV program.

So really when you are in hypnosis, you are more conscious and aware of what’s happening, so there are no magic spells here.

Learning to utilise this relaxed focus with intention can be powerful in your career, in sport performance and even handling day to day life’s challenges.

Myth # 2: A hypnotherapist can make you cluck like a chicken or even rob a bank.

Truth: A hypnotised person is not a robot who will do whatever the hypnotist orders. You have complete free will and control of your behaviour and cannot be hypnotised to do something that is not aligned with your internal moral compass.

This myth has developed from people watching stage hypnosis, which is quite different to hypnotherapy.

Stage hypnosis is for entertainment and the people who partake are often chosen for their receptivity to hypnotic suggestions. So stage hypnosis is not a great example of how powerful hypnotherapy can actually be for healing. One on one hypnotherapy will help you to tap into behaviours and resources that you want to enhance and is most powerful when tailored to the individual like the way our hypnotherapists are trained.

Myth # 3: You don’t remember anything about a session or hypnosis is like being asleep.

Truth: As we already know, you are in a heightened state of awareness when a practitioner guides you into hypnosis, so how could you be asleep?

You are in a super relaxed state and, with the type of hypnosis Evolve and Relaunch hypnosis practitioners are skilled in (non-script based hypnotherapy) you are awake and interacting with the therapist. It’s a back and forth, cooperative flow of ideas. The therapist is guiding you to intuitively find the resources within you to resolve a ‘problem’.

So you won’t be having a nap, and our trained hypnotherapists actually care that you get the results you desire.

While it is possible to have states of hypnosis where you are completely under, it’s highly uncommon for our therapists to do this to achieve the transformations. It’s more beneficial to have conscious and unconscious integration and to have memories and learnings from the letting go experience.

Myth # 4: ‘I can’t be hypnotised’

Truth: You are already hypnotised in many ways, hypnotised to believe the beliefs you have about yourself and your life and hypnotised to keep behaving in a way that may not be for your highest good.

When you are in session with an Evolve and Relaunch hypnosis practitioner, we are actually UN-hypnotising you, so that you can believe and act in a way that is in alignment with what you consciously desire.

For a deeper dive on this watch our ‘You are being hypnotised ALL the time’ video.

If you are ready to experience the power of Hypnotherapy for yourself and become qualified to help others using these powerful and transformational skills then pop here to see our course dates and book a course enquiry call or check out our Graduate Directory and find an Evolve and Relaunch trained hypnotherapist.

Keep Evolving!
The team at Evolve and Relaunch Education

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