Why is it important to know my values?

Why is it important to know my values?

Considering what is really important to us in life is not something we usually do consciously. These ‘things’ that are important to us are called our values.

Not knowing your values means you could burn out, feel tired or even bitter if what you’re doing doesn’t appear to align with them.

We spend days learning, identifying and aligning our values in our NLP Master Practitioner course. We also dive deep into societal values (also known as the spiral dynamics – or the cyclical double helix psychosocial model of the evolution of adult human consciousness) which is incredibly insightful in understanding the base operating system of how people look at the world and how they interpret and look at things and why people can get ‘stuck’ at certain points in their paths.

Your personal values can be conscious and unconscious and they drive your behaviours, communication and the way you perceive the world. They are the primary motivating force behind our actions and therefore have a massive impact on our outcomes. They motivate us to do what we do.

We can have ‘towards’ and ‘away from’ motivations underlying our values.
Towards values are when your motivation or reason for having the value is to move towards something, to have something positive. For example, if you feel great when you exercise and want to enjoy feeling good more often you will exercise more.

Away from values are when your motivation is negative, to move away from something or avoid something. For example, you leave your job because it has become too uncomfortable to stay. Having too many ‘away from’ driven values can create inconsistent results in life.

Our beliefs are then clustered around our values.

Beliefs are the things that we generally hold to be true, usually without actual proof or evidence. They are assumptions that we make about ourselves and the world. They are usually formed as we grow and they become learned or conditioned. We then hold these opinions to be true. We learn how to shift our beliefs in NLP Practitioner (which is a pre-requisite to Master Practitioner).

Our values are overarching concepts like – family, integrity, health, freedom, personal responsibility, wealth etc and values form the basis of our beliefs.

Some questions you can ask yourself to identify your values are:

  • What is important to you in the context of life?
  • What do you want in/out of life?
  • What has to happen for you to experience the values you have listed?
  • How do you know when your values are satisfied?
  • How do you know when your value is NOT satisfied?
  • How else in life could you fulfil your values.

Let us know if you give this a go and what your values are over on Instagram.

You will learn all about eliciting, understanding and aligning your unconscious values in our NLP Master Practitioner course. If you are curious to learn more, click here to see our course dates and please also click here to book a course enquiry call.

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