easily tap into positive emotions

Would you love to be able quickly and easily tap into positive emotions in your life?

NLP Anchoring is one of our favourite techniques because you can access any positive feeling or state anytime you need it. It’s almost like magic at your fingertips.

Anchoring is a term used in NLP to describe stimulus-response. These are shortcuts in our thinking. We associate feelings and actions with a certain stimulus.

Think of a red stoplight; when it goes red you stop; when it goes green you go, and when it goes orange you speed up (hehe only joking, you slow down)

Smells are strong anchors that can help you recall a memory in milliseconds. The perfume your mum wore, the smell of fresh-cut grass

Anchors are mostly unconscious, but we can also set them on purpose to intentionally create a trigger for a particular stimulus.

How to use Anchors

You can create positive anchors to get rid of negative anchors like phobias. A phobia is a fear anchored to an emotion and a stimulus. Or you can set positive anchors to boost certain emotional states so that you can use them to your advantage for example:

  • Got an interview and want to feel present and totally confident?
  • Have a presentation at work and want to feel complete self-belief and trust that you are going to nail it?
  • Have a difficult conversation coming up and want to remain calm and collected?

Then follow these steps to set an anchor on purpose. For this example, we will use confidence but you can swap it out for any emotion you wish to boost in the moment and feel more of.

How to set a confidence anchor on purpose

Step 1: Recall a time when you felt confident, sure, and solid in your self-belief.

This can be something small like driving your car, passing an exam, a skill or something that comes naturally to you.

Or it can be something big, maybe when you realised you did a stellar job at something and just felt really proud of yourself and confident in your abilities.

If you really can’t think of a time, think of someone else who demonstrates that self-assurance and confidence. Bring that person to mind and as you do, see them in your mind’s eye and how they demonstrate confidence to you.

Step 2: Now close your eyes and imagine floating into their bodies or go back into the past to the time you felt totally confident and float into that memory NOW.

See what you saw, hear what they heard and feel totally confident.
Connect to the location of that feeling in your body and give it a colour.
Now imagine that feeling and colour spreading into every cell of your body. Amplify it, and allow it to spill out of you.

Make that image brighter now and really feel that feeling.

Step 3: Now squeeze your thumb and middle finger together as you feel totally confident!

Repeat these steps as much as possible, a few times a day, and every time you squeeze your thumb and finger together it will bring back those feelings instantly, almost like magic 😉

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Keep Evolving!

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